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Rhododendron morii

Rhododendron morii Hayata

Shrub or small tree, 4-8 m; young shoots with a dense blackish floccose indumentum, soon becoming glabrous. Leaves 7-14 x 2.8-3.5 cm, lanceolate to elliptic, apex acuminate, lower surface with lamina glabrous though with a floccose tomentum composed of folioliferous hairs overlying the midrib; petioles finely hirsute and glandular. Flowers 5-12, in a lax truss; calyx c.2 mm; corolla white, sometimes tinged pink, with a red basal blotch and flecks, widely campanulate, lacking nectar pouches, 30-50 mm; ovary densely tomentose, also with a few stalked glands, style tomentose at base, otherwise glabrous. Flowering April-May


1 cm