Candelabra Tree

Euphorbia Ingens

Photo: Candelabra Tree

Euphorbia ingens is an upright, succulent tree, up to 40 feet (12 m) tall, with a dark green crown which is well rounded and often shaped like a hot-air balloon. The branches are segmented with spines running along the ridges of the segments. It produces small, greenish yellow flowers on the ridges of the topmost segment of every branch from autumn to winter. The fruit is a round 3-lobed capsule, turns red to purple when ripening.

Euphorbias are very easy to care for. They require a little pampering to become established, but once they are, they are self-sufficient. In fact, more die from too much care and watering than from neglect. Euphorbias need well-draining soil and lots of sunlight. They are not particular about soil pH, but they cannot tolerant wet soil. Unlike most succulents, Euphorbia does not handle long periods of drought well. It may need weekly watering during the summer… - See more at:


100 - 1000 cm
Soil type
Full sun
Needs protection