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Photo: Cape May

Coleonema albumĀ an erect, much-branched and compact shrub grows to a height of 2 m. This fragrant buchu is finely branched and new shoots develop at the tips of old branches. Branching occurs from the base of the shrub. Bark is greyish-brown, rough with horizontal leaf scars. The inflorescence is solitary, axillary and crowded at the branch tips. Closed flower buds are pinkish tinged and appear white when open. Flowers are small, white, 6-7 mm in diameter with a dark green disc at the centre. Crowded at the branch tips are 5-11 blooms. The flowers are carried in such profusion that the bush is a cloud of white when in flower and attracts bees and butterflies. It flowers from May to November.

Leaves are needle-like / linear-oblong are 12-13.5 mm x 1.3-1.5 mm broad. Oil glands are visible on the reverse side of the leaves. The leaves when crushed have a characteristic sweet smell. Ripe fruits may be found up to end of November. The fruit is 5-lobed and ripe seed are ejected by a catapult mechanism. Regeneration takes place from seed.


1 - 200 cm
Full sun