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Creeping Zinnia 'Yellow Carpet'

Sanvitalia procumbens 'Yellow Carpet'  • 


Cultivar: Yellow Carpet  
Family: Asateraceae  
Size: Height: 0 ft. to 0.33 ft.
Width: 0 ft. to 1.5 ft.  
Plant Category: annuals and biennials, ground covers,  
Plant Characteristics: prostrate, spreading,  
Foliage Characteristics: small leaves,  
Foliage Color: green,  
Flower Characteristics: long lasting, showy,  
Flower Color: yellows,  
Tolerances: deer, heat & humidity,  


Bloomtime Range: Early Summer to Early Fall  
USDA Hardiness Zone: 9 to 11  
AHS Heat Zone: Not defined for this plant  
Light Range: Full Sun to Full Sun  
pH Range: 5.5 to 6.5  
Soil Range: Sandy Loam to Clay Loam  
Water Range: Normal to Moist 


0 - 20 cm
Full sun, Partial shade