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Zucchini 'Black Beauty'

Cucurbita pepo 'Black Beauty'

Photo: Zucchini 'Black Beauty'

General description

A zucchini is a type of squash known scientifically as Cucurbita pepo. It is a summer squash, meaning that growers harvest the immature fruit during the summer. A Black Beauty zucchini produces fruit with green-black skin and white flesh. The fruit can grow to 3 feet in length, although the ideal eating size is much smaller. Gardeners typically grow Black Beauty zucchini from seed by resowing them each year.

Plant requirements

Select a planting site for Black Beauty zucchini in full sun. This plant grows well in a variety of soils as long as they have good drainage.

Build mounds of soil in the planting site that are at least 9 inches tall and have a diameter of 2 feet. Space the mounds for the Black Beauty zucchini at least 6 feet apart.

Plant the Black Beauty zucchini seeds in the spring after the last expected frost. Place 5 seeds in each mound of soil at a depth of 1 inch.


Give the Black Beauty zucchini seeds 1 inch of water per week to keep the soil moist but not wet. The seeds should sprout within 10 days.

Remove all but the three strongest Black Beauty seedlings from each mound when they reach a height of 3 inches. Apply at least 2 inches of mulch around the plants to help the soil retain moisture and eliminate the need for removing weeds.

Practical use

THarvest Black Beauty zucchini when the blossom falls off the fruit, usually 62 days after planting. The fruits should not be longer than 8 inches to ensure they are tender. Continue harvesting as long as the plant continues to produce fruit.


Soil type
Full sun