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Citrosa Geranium

Pelargonium citrosum  • 

Photo: Citrosa Geranium

General description

Sold as a incect repelling plant but studies have shown this incunclusive at best.

Type: Annuals, Tropicals and Tender Perennials
Height: 24-48 in. | 60-120 cm
Conditions: Zone 9-11, Sun to Partial Shade

Plant requirements


Growing and caring for mosquito plants is easy. And even though it may not be an actual mosquito repellent plant, it makes an ideal plant both indoors and out. Hardy year round in USDA Plant Hardiness Zones 9-11, in other climates, the plant can be grown outdoors during the summer, but should be taken inside before the first frost.

These plants prefer at least six hours of sunlight every day whether it is planted outside or indoors near a window but can also tolerate some partial shade.

They are tolerable of a wide variety of soil as long as it’s well draining.

When growing mosquito plant geranium indoors, keep it watered and fertilize occasionally with an all purpose plant food. Outside the plant is fairly drought tolerant.

Citronella plant typically grows anywhere between 2 and 4 feet high and pruning or pinching is recommended to encourage the new foliage to bush out.

Practical use

This plant has no description yet.


1 cm
Soil type
Full sun, Partial shade
Needs protection