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General description:

A Japanese variety with red, full and semi-full flowers, 10-14 cm in diameter. Irregular sepals, wide and lanceolate with wavy edges and pointed tops. Light red with pink bar in the middle, lighter at the base and with green spots showing mostly on the outer whorls. Stamens have crimson anthers on cream-yellow filaments. Flowers are borne in second half of May till June and again – less profusely – in August – September. Reaches 1,5-2 m height. Attaches itself to the support by means of twining leaf petioles. Suitable for growing along fences, arbours, trellises, poles and other kinds of garden supports. It could climb over natural supports as deciduous or coniferous shrubs as well as over dwarf shrubs not requiring hard pruning. Thrives in sunny sites.



1 - 200 cm
Soil type
Full sun, Partial shade