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Pineapple Verbena

Nashia inaguensis  • 

Photo: Pineapple Verbena

General description

It is a loose, spreading shrub with many branches up to 2 m high, with mature trunks of 5–10 cm diameter. The leaves are aromatic, simple, opposite (or fascicled), elliptic to obovate or spatulate, 5–10 mm long, with revolute margins. The flowerheads are axillary, sessile, few-flowered, with a strigose calyx; the corolla is whitish, about 2 mm long, four-lobed, and with four stamens. The fragrant foliage and tiny white flowers are highly attractive to pollinators, in particular the Atala butterfly.yet.

Plant requirements

 It prefers full sun, warmth (a minimum temperature of 5 °C) and must be kept under high humidity. Even a brief spell of dryness can kill the plant. this plant must also be blocked from high winds.


Water regularly, trim   during the colder season.

Practical use

It is often used as a bonsai plant due to its miniaturized features.  A decoction of the fragrant leaves, variously described as having the scent and flavor of citrus, vanilla, or pineapple, is used as an herbal tea.


1 cm
Soil type
Loam, Sand
Full sun, Partial shade
Moist but well-drained
Needs protection