Babiana hirsuta

Babiana hirsuta  • 

Photo: Babiana hirsuta

Photo: Babiana hirsuta

General description

Babiana hirsutais a deciduous plant that possesses corms with long necks covered with tough and fibrous tunics. The plants have stems that can easily reach 50 cm, with at least half of their length underground. Several tough, hairy branches are either horizontal, ascending or erect.

The lanceolate leaves may reach a length of up to 30 cm, are ribbed and sometimes minutely hairy.

The showy flowers are carried on horizontal racemes and vary in colour from bright red to shades of orange and apricot. Flowers are 2-lipped and closely set on the stem, reaching a length of approximately 55 mm. The bracts are 20 mm long and are covered with silvery hairs.


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Practical use

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30 - 50 cm
Soil type
Loam, Sand
Full sun