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New Guinea Impatiens

Impatiens x hawkeri

Photo: New Guinea Impatiens

Photo: New Guinea Impatiens
Photo: New Guinea Impatiens

General description

New Guinea Impatiens Hawkeri have the same rich, jewel-like flower colours of the ordinary 'busy Lizzy' (Impatiens walleriana) and also bloom very well in shade. However, the flowers are larger and more showy, and the plants are more sun-tolerant than their cousins, which wilt dramatically if exposed to direct sunlight. Morning sun seems to be best for the New Guinea varieties; too much sun can apparently be detrimental - though some are marketed as being quite sun-hardy, as long as they are kept well watered. They are not afflicted by the 'impatiens downy mildew' that has wiped out busy Lizzies all around the world. There is currently no cure for this disease.

They are self-cleaning - so no dead-heading is required, though if they are grown in a pot set on paving, wooden decking or tiles, it is advisable to sweep away fallen flowers regularly, as these can adhere annoyingly to the surface after a while.

Plant requirements

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This plant has no description yet.

Practical use

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1 - 20 cm
Soil type
Partial shade, Full shade
Acid, Neutral
Moist but well-drained