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Bianco Verde

Fittonia Argyroneura (Nerve Plant)

Photo: Bianco Verde

General description

Fittonias are 8 inch-long creeping plants that require very warm, humid growing conditions. They bear lush green leaves with accented veins of white and have a short fuzz covering their stems. Fittonias begin to look straggly after they are about a year old, but new plants are easy to propagate. Without water for a few days, this plant is known to "faint" but is easily revived with a quick watering and resumes its healthiness.

Light: Indirect or dappled sunlight. They also thrive under fluorescent lights. Don't expose to full sunlight.

Water: Plants should be kept constantly moist, with high ambient humidity. Mist frequently or grow in a tray with pebbles and water.

Temperature: Average (around 70ºF). They can tolerate temperatures down to the mid-60s or into the low 80s.

Soil: Fittonia can be easily grown in conventional, peat-based potting soil. Make sure it can retain moisture, but will not remain soggy.

Fertilizer: Feed during the growing season with a weekly dose of weak liquid fertilizer or with controlled-release fertilizer.


1 - 20 cm
Soil type
Partial shade
Moist but well-drained
Needs protection