Mirror Plant 'Tequila Sunrise'

Coprosma 'Tequila Sunrise'

Photo: Mirror Plant 'Tequila Sunrise'

General description

Colorful evergreen shrub up to 5' in height. New growth emerges emerald green  with colors of gold and orange developing. During the winter the leaves become brilliant red and orange. Coprosma does well in mild climates and is a good candidate for container planting. Blooms are inconspicuous.

Plant requirements

Partial to full sun. Regular watering the first year or so to establish new plant. Thereafter, water weekly or as needed during periods of extreme heat. Feed with all purpose fertilizer before spring growth.


Plant may be pruned as needed to maintain desired shape and size.

Practical use

Dramatic foliage provides an attractive hedge to 5' in height.


0 - 150 cm
Full sun, Partial shade