Large-Flowered Rose 'White Symphony' - Shrub

Rosa 'White Symphony'

Photo: Large-Flowered Rose 'White Symphony' - Shrub

General description

Rose 'White Symphony' is one of the best white roses for both garden and vase. This beautiful large-flowered rose is a very striking garden feature and blooms from June until late autumn. 'White Symphony' also looks great mixed between other plants. It is a vigorous grower and forms a bushy, 65 cm high shrub. Roses are real-sun-lovers, so don't plant them in the shade.

Plant requirements

When you receive your rose 'White Symphony' place in a bucket full of lukewarm water overnight. This rose bushes grows best when planted in the ground. Prepare a large hole and improve the soil with compost and cow manure. Spread the roots of the roses out and plant them at the appropriate depth. The base of the stem should be about 5 cm below the soil surface, as they are sensitive to frost. If the soil and roots are dry, gently empty a bucket of water into the planting hole. Fill the hole with the soil and press firmly with your foot. Plant in a sunny position so that it experiences a rich bloom.

Rose 'White Symphony' is a good companion shrub

Rose 'White Symphony' has large, double flowers. They bloom from June until the first frost. These Hybrid Tea Roses will truly highlight your garden. 'White Symphony' looks beautiful in a border surrounded with 'Box hedge'! You can combine the large-flowered Rose with plants that have a low growing habit, such as Lamium Maculatum 'Beacon Silver'. Try planting them near a group of lavender or plant tulips so that they can bloom between your roses.


Provide with manure regularly; in the winter, place cow manure around the base. Provide a mixed organic fertilizer early in the spring and special rose manure in July to allow for a great bloom and growth. To protect the vulnerable graft union point, we advice creating a mound of earth around the base of the bush before the start of winter. Spread this earth out again before pruning in the spring.

Pruning your 'White Symphony' rose

Large-flowered roses should be pruned every spring. Prune in March leaving only about five of the strongest branches. Prune all branches until there are 3-5 eyes left (these are dormant buds that are difficult to detect). Always cut at an angle so that rain water can drip off. Also remove any unwanted suckers from the roots and any growth that is either dead or diseased. The roses that you'll receive from us have already been pruned, so they only need to be pruned the following year.

Practical use

Rose 'White Symphony' is also great for cutting.


Variety of
Shrub Rose
1 - 90 cm
Soil type
Clay, Loam, Sand
Full sun, Partial shade
Acid, Neutral