Photo: Coccothrinax Palm Hybrids

Photo: Coccothrinax Palm Hybrids

General description

Hybrids of alta, argentea, barbadensis, fragrans, miraguama, spissa (and more).   Each one is as stunningly distinctive in character as the proverbial snowflake.

Slow-growing fan-leaved palms of the Coccothrinax genus are found in a variety of habitats throughout South Florida and the West Indies, and exhibit a variety of forms.  They are all small- to medium-sized palms, generally under 20' in height, but of course, taller, old ones with enviously slender trunks may be seen here and there. 

Salt- and wind-tolerant, they prefer limestone soils with good drainage, and have proven to thrive when installed directly into a hole drilled in our local oolite rock.  They take life well in a pot, but need water during dry conditions.


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