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Photo: Tinkerbelle Lilac

General description

Tinkerbelle® Lilac, Syringa 'Bailbelle' (PP12,294), is one of the Fairytale® Series and has an upright shape with incredible wine red flower buds. They open to single, bright pink blooms, with a spicy fragrance, in late spring. 

This upright lilac grows 5-6 feet in height and 4-5 feet in width. It is a rounded, upright, non-suckering, deciduous shrub, and is perhaps best noted for its compact shape and wonderfully fragrant blooms.

Plant requirements

This lilac tolerates light shade, but best bloom quality and disease resistance occur in full sun. It prefers rich, moist, neutral soils. It should be pruned as needed immediately after flowering.

Practical uses

Tinkerbelle lilac is an excellent choice for foundation plantings or as a specimen.


1 cm
Soil type
Full sun