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Photo: Rose 'Don Juan'

General description

The Don Juan rose is a climbing rose that looks wonderful on a trellis. The Don Juan Climbing Rose will also cover a wall or fence quickly and effectively. The flowers are a bright red, very fragrant and up to 5 inches wide. This red rose is a great cutting flower and looks beautiful in a vase. Don Juan Climbing Roses are used primarily as a backdrop for gardens. For the Don Juan Rose to grow its best it will need plenty of support in the form of a trellis, fence, or wall.

Plant requirements

Don Juan Roses prefer 6 hours of sun but can get by with ½ day of sun. The Don Juan Rose needs a lot of nutrients. Try using well-rotted manure or good compost mixed into the soil before planting. Don Juan likes nitrogen rich rabbit food pellets. Sprinkle these around the base of the plant. When you wish to cut some of these roses be sure to snip at an angle and place them in lukewarm water.


When new growth first appears remove the pine bark. Fertilize with a high nitrogen general fertilizer after the buds have developed. Prune off flowers after the first bloom to promote further flower development. Attach growing canes to their support. To get the most blooms train this rose to grow horizontally. This will increase bud production.

Practical use

Don Juan Roses look spectacular placed at the back of a flowerbed on a low wide trellis. Weaving Don Juan Roses in and out of a post and rail fence creates the look of a wave of blood red roses crashing into the shore that is your garden. This climbing rose is also great at hiding an eyesore like a cyclone fence.


240 - 300 cm
Soil type
Full sun
Acid, Neutral