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Squaw carpet

Ceanothus prostratus  • 

Ceanothus prostratus var. occidentalis, or Squaw Carpet, is an evergreen ground cover that grows on open slopes. and under Douglas Firs, Jeffrey or Ponderosa pines from near sea level to 7000+' elevation.

Ceanothus prostratus Squaw Carpet's foliage color is green and type is evergreen. Ceanothus prostratus Squaw Carpet's flower color is blue.

Prostrate Ceanothus is an excellent ground cover where it stays mild all year or you know you will have snow on the ground from December to March. On winter exposed sites ( below 0 degrees F) it will give you problems in inland summer heat and it will give you problems in full afternoon sun. In its range the summers do not get much above 80 degrees F., however at our high elevation we get the occasional 90+ day and it keeps blooming and spreading every year. The soil is fairly dry from July to December. Ceanothus prostratus will take some summer water and can tolerate garden conditions fairly well, as long as it's kept cool in the afternoon.


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Practical use

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1 - 30 cm