Lemon 'Variegata pink'

Citrus limon 'Variegata pink'  • 

Photo: Lemon 'Variegata pink'

General description

Leaves are green with creamy white to pale yellow edges.  In the ground, it grows 12 to 15 feet tall. Keep it small enough for a pot by pruning the foliage and roots every four to five years.

The fruit is green and streaked ​with gold when young, it matures to pale yellow. Pink flesh produces clear juice. Expect a few lemons early on; more when the plant is four to ​five years old.

Plant requirements

Zones: 8, 9, 12–24, H1, H2

Sun for 4 hours of sun a day (8 is better). Keep protected from wind and frost.


Full sun
Needs protection