Origin: Ecuador

Height: Newer dwarf cultivars only reach 10 in (25 cm) tall.

Light: Bright, indirect light

Water: Spray with water until leaves are thoroughly wet, 2-3 times a week. Do not soak base of plant. Ideally use rainwater and not tap water.

Humidity: Moderate to high humidity. Brown tips on leaves are a result of dry air.

Temperature: Average room temperatures 60-75°F, 16-24°C

Soil: Orchid mix or fine-grade fir bark

Fertilizer: Feed once a month in spring and summer with a foliar fertilizer spray diluted to half strength.

Propagation: Remove offsets -- called pups -- that grow at the base of the plant when they are at least 3 in (7 cm) tall with a sharp knife and pot shallowly in fresh potting mix. They'll take about 3-6 months to root


1 cm
Partial shade
Moist but well-drained