Photo: Sky Pencil

Photo: Sky Pencil
Photo: Sky Pencil

General description

Height and Width: 10 feet tall and approximately 2.5-3.0 feet wide at maturity.
Habit: Tall, multistemmed, narrowly fastigiate, evergreen shrub.
Foliage: Lustrous, dark evergreen leaves typical of the species.
Flowers: Female selection. Small, solitary, dull greenish-white flowers in May to June, in leaf axils of current season's growth.
Fruit: A berry-like, dark purple drupe, 1/4 inch in diameter, ripening in September to October. Inconspicuous.
Culture: Prefers light, moist but well-drained, slightly acid soils in either sun or shade. Transplants easily. Needs no pruning to maintain growth habit. Chlorosis may occur if soils are too alkaline.


1 cm