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Lily 'Sunny Bonaire'

Lilium 'Sunny Bonaire'

Photo: Lily 'Sunny Bonaire'

General description

The compact, pastel ‘Sunny Bonaire’ bears many fragrant, up-facing, pale pink blooms with a contrasting orange-rust pollen anthers. Petal edges are usually wavy. These widely opening flowers are borne in succession summer on short, sturdy stems lined with lance-shaped dark green foliage.

Oriental lilies result from complex crosses of several Asian lily species. They are renowned for their large, flaring, bowl-shaped blooms. The blooms are often spotted, fragrant and have distinctive hairs at the base of the tepals. They are borne atop upright stems lined with glossy green, narrow, lance-shaped leaves. Once they have flowered they will not bloom again until the following year, so be sure to plant them with ornamentals that look great later in the season.

This lily grows its finest in full to partial sun and neutral, well-drained, humus-rich soil. It grows from scaled bulbs that are easily planted; a typical planting depth is six inches for pot-sized Oriental hybrids. Dwarf beauties like ‘Sunny Bonaire’ are ideal for perennial borders, patio containers and cutting gardens--anywhere where their color and fragrance can be appreciated. Remove the anthers (pollen pods) of the cut flowers when brought inside as they will stain fabrics


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