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Queen Palm

Syagrus romanzoffiana  • 

Photo: Queen Palm

General description

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It is a medium-sized palm, quickly reaching maturity at a height of up to 15 metres tall, with pinnate leaves.

The Queen Palm is found in most tropical and subtropical areas. It's very popular as an ornamental tree and much used in urban landscaping. However, the fronds die early and must be pruned to keep the tree visually pleasing. Its leaves and inflorescences are used as cattle fodder, specially for milking cows. Its fruits are edible, being sought by birds, as well as by mammals, including some wild canids, such as the Pampas Fox[2] and the Crab-eating Fox.[3] The fruits consist of a hard nut surrounded with a thin layer of fibrous flesh that is orange and sticky when ripe. The flavor is sweet and could be described as a mixture of plum and banana.

Plant requirements

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Practical use

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