Photo: Douglas Fir

Photo: Douglas Fir
Photo: Douglas Fir
Photo: Douglas Fir

General description

The douglas fir is a needled evergreen conifer with a open pyramidal habit that can grow up to 200 feet tall. The needles are arranged with a V shape to the branch and are thin, 1-1 1/2 inches, bluish green, and has 2 white stomatal bands on the underside. The cones are 3-4 inches long, light brown with prominant bract that extends from each scale. Ovoid, chestnut brown buds grow in obvious clusters on branchlettes. Bark is smooth in youth turning thick, reddish brown with deep irregular fissures with age. 

Plant requirements

- Neutal to slightly acidic, well drained, moist soils.

- Sunny, open, roomy exposure.

- Thrives with atmospheric moisture

- Protect it from high winds


If you give it the right culture, it shouldn't have much maintenance.

Practical use

Native tree in the Pacific North West; works well in habitat/wildlife gardens.


+ 4m
Full sun
Acid, Neutral
Well-drained, Moist but well-drained