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Photo: Chocolate Mint

General description

Chocolate Mint (Mentha piperita cv.) neither smells nor tastes like chocolate, but rather it is reminiscent of an Andes after-dinner chocolate Mint. Thus, the suggestion of Chocolate is there and is strong enough to make us love it.

Plant requirements

This plant has no description yet.


Mints develop their best colors and flavors when grown in the sun like this Chocolate Mint. There are two growth phases for mints, at first, in early spring, the stems head up to make flowers. After flower production, the horizontal runners take off and cover a lot of distance in a short time. Bees and Butterflies love mint flowers.



Practical use

Great dried and added to black tea or used by itself, Chocolate Mint also makes a nice addition to chocolate deserts or a surprise addition to breakfast breads, as in Chocolate Mint Banana Bread Recipes.


1 cm