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Giraffe Asiatic Lily

Lilium 'Giraffe'

Photo: Giraffe Asiatic Lily

General description

The warm-flowering Asiatic lily ‘Giraffe’ has big upward-facing bright yellow flowers that blush to orange at petal tips. This upright selection produces loose clusters of blooms in midsummer and is ideal for container culture.

Asiatic lilies are probably the most common and easily grown type of hybrid lily. They typically bear clusters of wide-flaring flowers atop strong stems. The upright stems are lined with glossy green, narrow, lance-shaped leaves. Once they have flowered they will not bloom again until the following year, so be sure to plant them with ornamentals that look great later in the season.


Plant requirements

This plant has no description yet.


Lilies prefer full to partial sun and neutral, well-drained, humus-rich soil. They are borne from scaled bulbs that are easily planted; a typical planting depth is six inches for Asiatics. They look best planted in small groups in perennial borders or cottage gardens and make excellent cut flowers. Remember to remove the anthers from cut flowers because the shedding pollen will stain fabric.

Practical use

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