Liatris spicata

Liatris spicata  • 

Photo: Liatris spicata

Photo: Liatris spicata
Photo: Liatris spicata

General description

Features: This native American wildflower sends up beautiful wands of pure white flowers which are loved by butterflies. The showy spikes rise gracefully above deep green foliage and have the unusual habit of opening from the top down. Ht: 36-40 inches. Blooms July - August.

Plant requirements

Virtually carefree but will not tolerate wet soil in winter. Full sun. Hardiness zones 3-9.


Cut back faded flower spikes to encourage re loom. For best cut flowers, snip spikes when about 2/3 open. May require staking in windy areas. Divide in spring or fall.

Practical use

Great for mixed borders, naturalized areas, and for strong vertical accent. Cut flowers are very long lasting. Attracts butterflies.

Planted in 2015 near front porch.


70 - 80 cm
Soil type
Full sun
Moist but well-drained