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Photo: Crocus sp.

Photo: Crocus sp.

General description

Crocus are low growing, clump forming perennial plants grown from corms. The are found growing in a range of conditions, from woodlands to coastal gardens to suburban lawns. Crocus are in the Iris (Iridaceae) family.

Plant requirements

Crocus do best in full sun, but since they bloom so early in the year, there are few leaves on the trees to shade them anyway. If the temperature heats up, crocus will fade quickly.


Crocus require very little maintenance. They like to be watered regularly in the spring and fall. If there is no snow cover, the corms will also need water throughout the winter. They go dormant during the summer and prefer a drier soil.

Practical use

Crocus look best when they look natural. Large drifts waving throughout the garden, under trees or speckled throughout the lawn make a wonderful sight in early spring. The corms also do well in alpine and rock gardens and in containers. (See below) They look especially nice in hypertoufa troughs.


Variety of
Crocus sp. (Crocus sp.)
1 - 10 cm
Full sun, Partial shade
Moist but well-drained


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