Cyclamen, Persian cyclamen

Cyclamen persicum

Photo: Cyclamen, Persian cyclamen

For a long flowering period:

Cyclamen require very little care.

1. Place your cyclamen in a clear, cool room.

2. Water without soaking. Contrary to belief, cyclamen only need moderate watering. On the other hand, fresh air is very good for them. To get the most out of your cyclamen, you can put it outside at night and bring it in every morning so it gets some fresh air.

3. Remove withered flowers and leaves, they come off without resistance by slightly twisting the stem.

4. You can add a little fertiliser for flowering plants from time to time to help the buds open.

After flowering (May/June)

The Persian cyclamen is considered to be a long-flowering annual plant. According to the climate zones, it very often happens that after a dormant period the Persian cyclamen will gently flower again, in this case its cycle will be slow and it will flower much later.

If you want to try to succeed the experience again, you will need to:

reduce then stop watering,
cut the dry leaves with scissors before placing the bulb in the ground,
place the plant directly in the ground in a shaded place or keep the pot in a cool and bright room.

From September, gradually start watering again. For four months the leaves will develop then the plant will flower in a natural cycle from February to June (you can start adding fertiliser when the plant is developing again).

Some plants live for over 20 years!

The abundant flowering lasts for over 5 months!


1 - 6 cm
Moist but well-drained