Photo: Glossy Abelia

General description

Abelia is a semi-evergreen perennial flowering shrub related to the honeysuckle. Like its cousin honeysuckle, abelia blooms gives off a lovely sweet perfume. Abelia has small glossy leaves, whitish-pink flowers blooming from summer to the first frost. In absolutely ideal conditions abelia can grow to 10 feet in height with an even wider spread up to 12 feet. Abelia prefers full sun exposure but is accepting of partial shade. Abelia blooms on the current year's growth; thus, it can be pruned any time during the year.

Zones: 5 - 9

Plant requirements

The shrub requires rich, well-drained soil and a full sun or lightly shaded spot. When abelia receives inadequate light, foliage thins and flowering stops.

Provide abelia sufficient room at planting. Mature shrubs reach 6 to 10 feet high and spread 6 feet. For a screen situation, plant on 4- to 6-foot centers, and even closer for a hedge.


Watering and Feeding

Keep abelia consistently moist, but not soggy. Feed abelia every 10 to 12 weeks spring through summer with an all-purpose flower fertilizer.


Prune sparingly to keep the abelia's graceful upright growth habit. If grown as a hedge, however, the shrub needs shearing.

Practical use

Abelia can be used to create a border, in mass plantings, as a containerized specimen plant, and even as a hedge.


100 - 200 cm
Soil type
Full sun, Partial shade
Moist but well-drained