• Camelia, Yuletide cutting

    • From mid February to begin May     Once

      Cut back the leaves to bare branches from mid-February to early May, if necessary.

  • Camelia, Yuletide fertilising

    • From mid March to mid April     Once

      The camellia sasanqua is a hardy plant, but yearly fertilization will keep it looking healthy. Apply fertilizer in the late spring, and use a well-balanced general garden fertilizer.

  • Camelia, Yuletide pruning

    • From mid May to end October     Each month
      • Prune to shape the bush and to thin out the middle to improve air flow.
      • Prune broken, dead or weak branches and straggling shoots that detract from the shrub's natural compact form. You can also prune off the tips about 6 to 12 inches to help encourage branching and fuller growth.
      • Cut unwanted individual branches down to the center of the plant.