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Photo: Bleeding heart - White

Photo: Bleeding heart - White

Common: Bleeding Heart · Flower: Pure White

Botanical: Dicentra Spectabilis 'Alba' · Family: Fumariaceae

Height: 18-24" · Pests: No serious insect or disease problems. Some susceptibility to aphid infestations. Good soil drainage is essential for plant survival.

Bloomtime: May-June · Spacing: 15-18"

Foliage: Blue–Green, fern-like and segmented.

Exposure:This plant prefers shade to partial sun.

Notes: This species of bleeding heart has been a common, old garden favorite for many years. It features graceful, soft green foliage that is less deeply divided than most other Dicentra species, and 1" long, rose pink, nodding, heart-shaped, flowers with protruding white inner petals borne on one side of and hanging in a row from long, arching, stems above the foliage in mid to late spring. The common name is in reference to the protruding inner petals of the heart-shaped flower which purportedly give the appearance of a "bleeding heart." Plant typically grows 2-3' tall. Except in the far northern part of its range, the foliage usually goes dormant no later than mid-summer.

Planting instructions: May be planted in any well-drained soil. Dig a hole large enough to encompass the roots without bending or circling. Set the plant in place so the crown (part of the plant where the root meets the stem) is about 1-2 inches below the soil surface. Cover with soil to the original soil surface and water thoroughly. Easily grown in average, medium wet, well-drained soil in part shade to full shade. Prefers moist, humusy soils in part shade. Intolerant of wet soils in winter and dry soils in summer.'Alba' is the charming, white flowered form of the Old-Fashioned Bleeding Heart that has been a garden favorite for years. It is a vigorous plant that will provide successful results for even the beginning gardener. This perennial will mature to a large size and is best left undisturbed. Graceful, early summer-flowering perennial with sprays of heart-shaped flowers dangling from arching, fleshy stems. Best for the shaded border or woodland garden. Because foliage goes dormant, it is best to plant this bleeding heart through a loose ground cover or among later developing perennials such as hostas and ferns which will fill in as the bleeding heart foliage begins to die back. This is a Herbaceous perennial. Also a good cut flower.


50 - 80 cm
Soil type
Full sun, Partial shade
Well-drained, Moist but well-drained