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Photo: Blackberry

Photo: Blackberry

General description

Prolific producer of tasty large, black fruit in midsummer of second year. Small soft pink flowers fade to white and precede fruit on erect, thornless canes. Hardiness zones 5-8. Rapid growing canes to 5-6 feet.

Plant requirements

Water regularly, when top 3 inches of soil is dry.


This plant has no description yet.

Practical use

This plant has no description yet.

Planted 2010 or probably earlier in small raised vegetable box along driveway. I transplanted to south side of garage in 2013 and only saw a few berries. At present it is June 2015 and there are canes, but no signs of berries. In the box it was transplanted from, there is a single cane growing. Bought at Pesche's.


1 - 400 cm


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