Fuchsia 'Wood violet'

Fuchsia 'Wood violet'

Photo: Fuchsia 'Wood violet'

General description

Upright, bushy shrub with ovate, subtly-toothed, dark green leaves. Deciduous in cooler climates. Flowers profusely thoughout spring and summer and will also flower during fall and winter in warmer climates without frost. Flowers have red sepals and violet corollas.

Plant requirements

Sun to partial shade in cooler climates. Shade or semi-shade in hotter areas, especially in dry weather. Does not tolerate soil that gets hot from the sun; mulch around the plant is essential to prevent this. Needs moist, well-drained soil. Lack of water will result in very rapid wilting and dropping of the leaves. Misting during hot weather is helpful. Protect from wind in all locations. Fertilize regularly (weekly to biweekly) with dilute fertilizer during the peak growing and flowering period for maximum growth.


Can be pruned almost at any time to maintain shape. White flies and fuchsia mites can be a problem. Use appropriate measures to combat these pests.

Practical use

Excellent potted plant that gives color and texture to small gardens and patios. The upright nature of this variety does not lend itself to hanging baskets as well as other fuchias do. Will also do well planted in the ground in areas where winter temperatures do not fall much below 30 degrees F. They can tolerate occasional temperatures down to 25 degrees F, but anything more severe may damage the plant.


0 - 10 cm
Soil type
Clay, Loam
Full sun, Partial shade, Full shade
Moist but well-drained
Needs protection