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Dendranthema rubellum 'Clara Curtis'

Dendranthema rubellum 'Clara Curtis'  • 

Photo: Dendranthema rubellum 'Clara Curtis'

General description

Features: Brushstrokes of brilliant pink daisies appear in late summer and continue blooming through autumn. The fragrant mounds of flowers also attract butterflies. Hardiness zones 4-9. Ht: 18-24 inches.

Plant requirements

Full sun. Water generously.


Pinch back growing shoots every two weeks until midsummer for a fuller flowering, compact display. Lightly mulch to protect through winter.

Practical use

Plant in mixed borders or containers placed where the fragrance can be appreciated. 

Planted in 2013 or 2014 near front porch. At present, June 2015, doubled in size. Divided and put a plant in between Asiatic lilies on the south side of the house.


Variety of
chrysanthemum sp. (chrysanthemum sp.)
50 - 80 cm
Full sun