Photo: Black and Bloom Salvia

An improved earlier blooming version of 'Black and Blue', 'Black & Bloom' is vigorous, topping out at around 48 inches tall. A great Salvia option for the mid to back of borders being both deer resistant and heavy blooming until frost. Its tubular flowers are also a magnet for hummingbirds, making it a great choice for gardeners wishing to attract wildlife.  

Media & pH 
Salvia Black & Bloom grows well in standard bedding plant media, such as peat- or peat-perlite- based medias. Growers should produce Black & Bloom on the slight acid side of the pH range at about 5.8. 

Black & Bloom thrives in the heat, but will grow actively at moderate temperatures. Warm temperatures will encourage fast growth that can be difficult to manage. Ideal production temperatures are as follows: 71 to 79F (21 to 26C) days and 62 to 67F (15 to 17C) nights.

Light levels 
Black & Bloom thrives in high light. Growers should provide the highest light possible in production and avoid dark conditions, as this will compromise plant habit. Ideal light levels are from 6,000 to 9,000 f.c.

Salvia are moderate feeders and prefer a constant nitrate- based feed at 175 to 225 ppm. Growers should avoid fertilizer high in ammoniacal nitrogen, as this can produce soft, leggy growth and unsightly plant habits. 

Controlling Black & Bloom with proper PGR applications is critical in growing high-quality plants. Black & Bloom is very responsive to different plant growth regulator types; however, one should experiment with chemistries they’re comfortable with to find the best balance of growth and control for their region. At Ball FloraPlant, we’ve found the most effective control to be with B-Nine and Cycocel—tank mix sprays at approximately 2,500 ppm of B-Nine and 750 ppm of Cycocel. 

Low-rate Bonzi drenches are very effective, but can create an overly regulated look if applied at too high of a rate. Growers should start with very low rates of 1 to 2 ppm or lower depending on conditions. 

Pest & diseases
Salvias, and Black & Bloom in particular, are generally free of major disease and insect pressures. One should scout regularly for whitefly, fungus gnats and thrips. Proper IPM practices and sanitation will be the best defense against diseases and pests.


1 - 120 cm
Full sun, Partial shade