Photo: Catalpa 'nana'

Catalpa 'nana'
Catalpa 'nana'
Catalpa 'nana'

Landscape value: A tough, globe-headed cultivar propagated onto a 'standard'. Useful as a small feature or for planting in streets, courtyards and other paved areas.

Height: 5 metre(s)
Width: 3 metre(s)

Growth rate: Slow.
Habit: Dense, rounded, propoagated onto a 'standard' at approximately 1.8 metres.
Foliage: Large, mid-green leaves (slightly smaller than normal for the species). The autumn colour is yellow in colder climates.
Flowers: Rarely formed.
Fruit: Rarely formed.
Bark: Grey.

Tolerances: Very tolerant to a variety of soil types including quite dry sites, but prefers acid soils that are deep and rich, and moist but well drained.

Comments: Good in temperate to warm temperate regions. Should not be planted in exposed, windy areas as the leaves may become tattered and some branches may break.


0 - 400 cm