Oz Snowdrop (Snowflake)

Leucojum aestivum  • 

Photo: Oz Snowdrop (Snowflake)

Photo: Oz Snowdrop (Snowflake)

Snowflakes (Oz Snowdrops)

An old time favourite, commonly known as Snowdrops these can be left undisturbed for years.  Masses of dainty white bells with green dots on the tip of each petal and lush green foliage that lasts throughout winter. 

Height   40cm
Aspect  Full sun or part shade
Soil  Free draining
Planting Time   Autumn
Potting  Yes
Flowering Time  Spring

Snowflakes have been growing for generations on old home places across the South. Once planted they thrive and multiply into large clumps that add a special charm to the spring bulb planting. Each stem will have 2 to 6 white bell shaped blooms with green spots on the tips. They grow well in partial shade and do not mind heavier soil. Easy to grow and elegant.


1 - 40 cm
Full sun, Partial shade