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  • fertilising

    • From begin March to end April    • each 8 weeks

      generous helping of compost or all-purpose organic fertilizer. If you’re inclined to use synthetic products, a tablespoon of 10-10-10 for each foot of height is appropriate. Sprinkle it around the shrub out to the drip line, but no more.

  • flowering

    • From end June to begin October
  • pruning

    • From end March to end April    • once

      Flowers on NEW growth

      Prune in late winter moving into early spring. Avoid pruning though in early winter. The reason being, the stems are hollow.

      You can prune this shrub back to twelve or twenty-four inches high. For most plants, that’s a drastic reduction. But these plants can not only take it, they’re often better off for it.