Photo: Endive 'Broad-leaved'

General description

Broadleaf is a very fine old French variety of endive that produces looser, wavier interior foliage that flares into a veritable cornet. The thick, buttery yellow leaves are very succulent and delicious, they have that special thick crunch of Italian endives, but with a sweeter flavor. 

Plant requirements

When growing, endive resembles lettuce, with a loosely arranged head of curled leaves around a central stalk that is harvested once. It can be harvested like other lettuces, with a sharp knife close to the base. 

Young leaves can be harvested for baby leaf salads when young after just 6 weeks, or left to grow to maturity and harvested after 10 to 12 weeks. 


Give the crop a little protection when winter approaches and you will have a good chance of enjoying the leaves until Christmas
It can be stored under refrigeration for approximately five days in a ventilated bag. 

Practical use

When cooking with endive, always tear it rather than using a knife. Like other greens, it should be washed before consumption. Remember that the inner leaves are the most tender and can be used in more abundance than the tougher outer leaves. 


1 - 40 cm
Full sun, Partial shade
Moist but well-drained