About us is an online platform that originated in the minds of enthusiastic Internet users with a passion for gardening and plants. The purpose is to share our garden virtually with people around us.

This way, we hope to do cross-fertilization, sharing our knowledge and also to discover beautiful gardens around us.

The team

How did the idea develop?

It all started on Twitter. As a keen social media users, we not only want to share our social life, but we also want to map the life in our garden. Even in the year 2011, the garden life on the internet is very passive.
The gardener has to search himself for answers to his problems.
To change all this, we took our courage and wanted to walk a new road.

Can we create a system that delivers the info to the gardener?
... and was born!

Green Hosting is obviously committed to the environment. Therefore, we opt for green hosting.
The data center where is housed, uses only green energy.
This means that the supplied energy is produced entirely using solar panels and wind. In addition to using green energy, the data center is build in a way that the energy usage is as low as possible.