You are looking for passionate gardeners? You have a specific product for hydrangea or you are selling a new breed of lawn mower? Why not hire very targeted advertising space on On our site, you'll find the gardeners who are growing hydrangea of the gardeners who are sowing grass. Then you can really target those people.
We have have some different posibilities for you:


A traditional banner, well placed to transfer your message. U can reach out to the gardeners with a kitchen garden or only to the fruit tree lovers

banner Aveve banner VELT

Different size are possible:

  • 234 x 60 pixels
  • 180 x 150 pixels
  • 200 x 200 pixels


  • Payment: CPM (per thousand views)
  • Targeting on user-characteristics
  • Discount for longer contracts or a higher number of page views purchased

Advertorial in our newsletter

Every week, our gardeners receive a very useful newsletter. In this newsletter, they find a list of tasks to do in their garden. In this newsletter, we have reserved some space to provide extra information. This may be an advertorial around a new product, your event that is placed in the spotlight, ...



  • Payment: for each user who receives the newsletter
  • a unique place in our newsletter
  • a big and immediate reach

You can contact us for short, intense campaigns, but also for a long-term presence.
Contact us by mail: or by telephone: Lieven Gekiere +32 456 56 52 74