Usa B.

New Deck

 Blog  •  Published on: 01 May 2015

The deck is finally done.  It was meant to be a fire-escape for my husband.  Carlos had turned it into a mini-deck.  I love it!!   I put up the mini gazebo with fabric roof that can block 95% UV light.  The deck is perfect for all of us: me, my husband, my dogs.  Noi can see the plants from his bed.  The full-length door let in lots of light.  The sad part is that we have to cut down the tall Wigeria to accommodate the new deck.  I am planning the new container garden on the deck and the new garden plots around the deck.  It's so wonderful at night to see the moon rising from the deck.  

Moved and transplanted Creeping Jenny and Vinca vines into the containers.  Now have a nice small container garden on the deck.  Will add more.  Tomorrow, I will plant my Japanese Wisteria to climb on the deck.  Now off to a business meeting. 


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