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 Note  •  Published on: 25 Apr 2015

4-24-15 Where in the heck did all of these whiteflies come from???  They are swarming my gardenias, hydrangeas,mums, and blueberry bushes!  I sprayed them down with a mixture of dishwashing soap, vodka, and water.  1 tbsp soap, 4 oz vodka, 1 quart water...After drenching these pests with this solution and killing and/or running these pests away...I sprayed all of my treated bushes with a good spray of water (not sure if they like vodka!).  Next morning, no signs of whiteflies...yet.  :)


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  • Magdalena G. Magdalena G. Well done, thanks for tip.
    Sunday April 26, 2015 at 20:57