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Flowers for flowerbeds, bouquets - the most popular flowers

 Blog  •  Published on: 27 Feb 2023

This flower from Peru looks very much like a small lily, and enjoys well-deserved popularity. A bouquet of alstroemerias looks festive and elegant, without being a burden on the budget, and growing this flower is possible even for beginner gardeners. The colour palette of the plant is very rich: white, pink, purple, red flowers fill the space with sunlight and warmth.
It's also worth noting that the alstroemeria is a very sturdy flower to cut. When buying a bouquet or cutting a flower in your garden, preference should be given to flowers with unopened, but already colored buds. Such plants stay well in a vase with water and gradually open more and more buds.

Aster is the queen of the autumn garden.
Perennial asters are flowers of over 500 species, hardy and easy to care for. They are shrubby plants, distinguished by flowering time, size and shape as well as the colour of the inflorescences. These unpretentious flowers decorate rockeries and alpine rock gardens, enhancing the beauty of conifers and have found worthy applications in the decoration of garden areas. There are early varieties that bloom as early as the end of May, summer varieties with a medium flowering time and, of course, late varieties that open their bright buds with the arrival of September. The right perennial will flower in profuse amounts for a long time, even before frost sets in. 

Gardenia, the magic of a tropical flower
Gardenias are not as commonly used by gardeners and florists as roses and lilies, but are definitely worthy of being "friends" with.
Gardenia is a tropical plant belonging to the Marene family. Under natural conditions it is found in East and Southeast Asia as well as in South Africa. Gardenia jasmine is cultivated at home. Gardenia Jasmine is a 40-50cm tall shrub with shiny dark green leaves. It will flower for an extended period from July to October. The terry flowers are large enough and white with a delicate fragrance. The Gardenia is a beautiful decoration for any interior and adds a touch of tropical beauty to it.

"The 'flower of the gods' has been on the list of favourite plants around the world since ancient times. From time immemorial, it has been used to cure illnesses and to protect against misfortune and adversity. Constancy and faithfulness, goodness and justice are the main symbols of the carnation.
The clove family encompasses over 400 species. Of the most common, the following species are worth mentioning:
-bearded carnation (Turkish carnation)
-garden carnation
Chinese carnation.
Carnations come in both flowered and flowered styles. There are varieties that gather in inflorescences, and there are flowers with single buds. The natural cloves are usually rosy pink, the cultivars have a more varied range of colours: white, pink, yellow, salmon-coloured, purple and red, although some cultivars are also multi-coloured. Also worth noting is the persistence of the plant after cutting. In a vase, the flowers stay fresh for 10 to 14 days, filling the space with positive energy. The carnation, companion of revolutions, symbol of loyalty and constancy, has been a deservedly revered flower from ancient times to the present day.

Flowers belonging to the family of the Asteraceae. They are native to the Americas. There are over 40 types and many varieties of dahlias. The varieties are divided into 10 major classes. Dahlias have a host of positive qualities, including a long and lush blooming season, a wide variety of colours and shapes, and they are easy to care for, allowing visitors to enjoy their favorite flowers for many seasons. The majority of dahlia varieties are used in group plantings or loose compositions. Varieties with strong, tall peduncles are used for cutting. The low-growing varieties are best suited for borders and border plantings.
The many varieties of dahlia can be used to create original flower compositions, combining all their splendid colours in a harmonious way.

Delphinium - a popular blue flower
The delphinium is a flower which belongs to the buttercup family. It is also known under the name of Larkspur or Spurgeon. Many varieties and hybrids have been created, varying in flower form and colour. ornamental qualities perennial allows its use as a garden crop, but also delphinium is an indispensable companion of florists when creating spectacular floral compositions. Most of the plants are coloured blue or violet, other colours are very rare.

A plant popular with florists because of its showy flower shape framed by green foliage.
It is also known as zantedeschia. Calla lilies are found in their natural habitat on the continent of Africa. There, these plants can reach a height of 2-2.5 metres. The calla lily is also loved because it can be grown both outdoors and indoors. The colour variety of shades of calla lilies nowadays makes it possible to choose a plant to suit any taste. While only white calla lilies have been common to date, there are now lilacs, reds and even blacks.
Some of the more common calla plant varieties that breeders most commonly use include:
- Ethiopian calla
- Calla Elliotta
- Calla Remanna

Or as it is also called Saffron, it is a bulbous plant belonging to the iris (tassicaceae) family. In addition to its decorative qualities, the saffron flower is also known for its medicinal virtues and has been used as an herb since ancient times. The perennial is distributed throughout Europe and Central Asia. The flowering of crocuses is a fascinating spectacle. They bloom when all other plants are just emerging from their winter cold. They are the first to welcome spring with spectacular blossoms, transforming everything around them. Crocuses can also bloom in late autumn. Crocuses are most commonly grown outdoors. Growing crocuses at home is a great deal of fun. The result is certainly worth it, and the flowers will bring joy and cheer to their owners.

Lily - the favourite flower that catches women's hearts
The lily is a bulbous plant from the Lilac family. Lilies have been popular and admired since ancient times as garden and home decorations and also for their medicinal properties. Even today, lilies are still a welcome addition to the garden. There are a huge number of varieties of this perennial, categorised into groups for convenience. The main ones are:
-Asian hybrids
-American hybrids
-Tubular or Orleans
-Martagon hybrids
-Candidum hybrids

Narcissus - the first heralds of spring
Narcissus is a spectacular and aristocratic flower, belonging to the Amaryllis family. The flowers have an intoxicatingly sweet fragrance that has made their oil used in perfumery since ancient times. It is also a well-known fact that narcissus is toxic. Therefore it is not recommended to put the flowers in a vase with other plants. The natural habitat of the narcissus is in lowlands, at the foot of mountains, near lakes and rivers. In cultivated plantings, daffodils are grown both in group plantings and in bunches for cutting. Daffodils start flowering as soon as the first snow melts. They fill their surroundings with warm sunshine as soon as they feel the first spring warmth.

Peonies are herbaceous perennials that are widely used in landscaping.
Peonies are popular not only because of their spectacular natural beauty, but also because of their practicality. Peonies are easy to care for and are frost-resistant, so they can be cultivated in areas with unfavourable climatic conditions. The key to cultivating the ideal peony is a well-lit, open sunny location. Peonies flower at different times: There are early, medium and late cultivars. Given this characteristic of the flower, it is possible to create a bright, fragrant bed that blooms throughout the summer. 
White, yellow, pink, coral and maroon - nature has given these flowers a stunning range of colours. 
Peonies that bloom year after year are a beautiful decoration for the garden for many years to come.

Roses, flowers that convey emotion
If you ask florists, "What are the most popular bouquets?", or, "What flowers are most often given to women?", don't even doubt, you'll get the answer, "Roses, of course!". Bouquets of roses attract admiring glances, help to express sincere feelings, and their velvety petals for a long time do not lose the original freshness, filling the surrounding space with a subtle, exquisite aroma. Roses, whose history of cultivation dates back to Ancient Rome, are always at the height of popularity. Decorating for celebrations, weddings, perfumes and fragrance oils, the range of applications for roses is very wide. This is a flower worth getting to know better. Modern plant breeders are delighting rose lovers with more and more varieties with unique colours and scents. Everyone can find their "special variety", give a flower that evokes joyful emotions, buy a beautiful bouquet for March 8, Valentine's Day, or just for no reason at all.

The snow-white chamomile - the sunshine flower in our lives
Chamomile is a sunshine-like flower that blooms in abundance and with a delicate scent almost all summer long. This simple and unpretentious flower will help to emphasise the beauty of other plants and of course is easy to care for, resistant to the weather and to various diseases. Not only are chamomiles easy to grow, some of the varieties
 They are also valuable medicinal raw materials used in medicine.
Chamomiles are the most recognisable flowers, familiar to everyone since childhood, bringing warmth and sunshine to their owners.

The chrysanthemum, an autumn flower with more than 1000 varieties
Chrysanthemums are a warm-hearted flower on autumn days, when all other plants have already bloomed and are preparing for the coming winter. Chrysanthemum is cold-resistant, a quality which sets it apart from other plants. There are wintering varieties in the open air. Chrysanthemum varieties are divided into separate categories:
- by bush size: tall, medium, small
- Flowering time: early, late and medium
- bud size: small, medium and large
- type of inflorescence: round, semi-cross and plain
If we divide the chrysanthemums into groups, the main ones include:
- Korean
- vegetal
- large-flowered
- multiflora.


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