Cucumber watering

 Note  •  Published on: 13 Jul 2020

Water as needed to make sure that plants get about 1 inch of water per week. Cucumber beetles are serious threats that not only eat the plants but also infect them with bacterial wilt that will kill the plants about the time they begin to produce fruit. As soon as cucumber seedlings are planted or germinate in the garden, protect them from these pests. Apply an approved garden insecticide, or use row covers over the plants, being sure to tuck in the edges and ends, to keep the beetles out. After the plants begin to vine, feel free to remove the covers or stop applying the insecticide. A virus disease, cucumber mosaic, may cause misshapen, lumpy cucumbers. To prevent this disease, which aphids carry from infected weeds, grow resistant varieties, and control aphids with insecticidal soap or other approved garden insecticide.

Watering container cucumbers – Cucumbers need a consistent supply of water to produce the highest quality fruits. If plants are water stressed and allowed to wilt in between waterings, the fruits can turn bitter. Container grown vegetables need to be watered more often than in-ground plants so keep a close eye on moisture levels and water when the soil feels dry to the touch. In summer, this may be every day, depending on the weather and the size of the container. 


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