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Blooming Beautiful and the Puppy Hazard

 Blog  •  Published on: 20 Apr 2020

The cherry and pear trees and the gooseberry bush are in full bloom and budding nicely. Susan blossomed with some beautiful deep purple flowers, just before the wind shook all her petals off and Buddy again undershot the mark and paid the price when the frost closed in three nights in a row. He's had to be pruned back because all his early February shoots are dead and dry. Luckily his two apprentices weren't so quick to push out buds and are doing better with tiny dark purple and pale lilac buds just peeping through. Phoebe has woken up and is unfurling some lovely emerald green leaves, and her bed of deep blue and purple Myrtle is in it's second month of flowering along with a lone pansy. The Ivy is making it's way over the neighbour's hedge as well as over the front wall and the wisteria has given us a breath-taking display of white, lilac and pale purple blossoms that hang down over the front window. <3 

The new Ceanothus is still alive and thriving and the honeysuckle, despite unwanted attention from the new puppy, is valiantly trying to spread her shoots across the lattice above the garden wall. Puppy meanwhile is desperately trying to stop her efforts by biting her and earning himself a telling off.! The problem is that puppy can't go off the patio which is certainly large enough for him at this young age because of the cherry tree and rhubarb, which are toxic to dogs, and of course he's just defiant enough to try it on with the gooseberry bush and earn himself a snout full of thorns.! So he's taken to playing with the patio pots and pretty much everything else he can get into, onto or over the top of. He's becoming a hazard to himself with his over confidence and innocence and a menace to the blossoming plants. 


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