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Spruce Up Your Outdoors by Adding Glass Patio Table

 Blog  •  Published on: 12 Feb 2020

To laze around in the courtyard and cherish every moment, you require proper furnishing comprising of matching chairs and table. 

Speaking specifically of the table, you could either choose a conventional piece that goes well with your existing set-up or let your imagination a bit loose and pick a contemporary styled glass patio table to raise the luxury quotient of your lounging area. With a perfect mix of buoyancy and modern vibes, the latter has got some elegant options to choose from— their functionality can be debatable, there is no question about the aesthetics though. 

Why choose a glass patio table amongst a host of other options?

The patio furnishing is not only a relaxing place for you and your loved ones but it a centerpiece of the courtyard as well. If you're going to shop for an appropriate table that you're probably going to keep forever, you're likely to invest accordingly. So, how to reach the buying decision when there are options aplenty? There are primarily two things that you need to keep your locus on— the design and the strength! Since a courtyard deck can be a pricey investment, here are a few reasons why a glass patio table can be the best choice to make the most of your money spent. 

Wood might be sturdy but don't beat the glass

A glass-top patio table has a distinct advantage over traditional wood options, and that is, it works pretty well with numerous design themes. Also, since the glass has got a reflective surface, it can infuse a lot of sheen and brightness to otherwise drab settings of your patio. 

Despite the unique aesthetic appeal, a glass patio table option sometimes gets overlooked due to its fragility. However, designers have got the perfect answer for that too— The contemporary glass top tables are not only appealing but sturdy as well. Current models are constructed out of tempered safety glass, ensuring the material is resistant to scratches and heat and will not fragment even if walloped. 

Metal is the strongest, but there are many ways glass is better for the courtyard 

Steel is by far, the best and most robust outdoor garden furnishing material— Thanks to its inherent power. Since metal frames can be thinner, they can be molded into more intricate designs than any other options available and, thus, offering designers greater control and flexibility in styling.

Yet steel also got its set of drawbacks too— It heats up quickly under the sun, making the chairs and tables carved out of it, and uncomfortable to touch and use. Besides this, some metals are heavier and challenging to move around— and to some extent, all-metal products are susceptible to oxidation and deterioration. Since a plexiglass replacement patio table tops table has to be placed in a courtyard, all the above disadvantages of the metallic versions can make things very tough for you. On the contrary, a glass patio table is lightweight, scratchproof and cools down quickly even if placed under direct sunlight for long. You could select a combination option having a metal base and a glass top to experience the best of both worlds.

Glass patio table scores over plastic version too

In the realm of outdoor furnishings, man-made polymers such as resin and plastic are becoming quite popular nowadays. Modern manufacturing techniques and hybrid formulations allow these compounds to take on previously unachievable sizes and shapes. In spite of all these high points, plastic is still extremely lightweight material. While polymer-based furnishing might work well for the interiors. However, when it comes to the courtyard, things can get tricky in no time— especially if you stay in wind zone areas. A Glass patio table, on the other hand, is able to score a brownie point here— all thanks to its robust built and optimal weight that helps it to stay in place when natural forces are at play. 

Is it feasible to place a Glass patio table on the grass in the lawn?

There are no qualms about placing your outdoor furnishing directly on the grass. However, there are a few things that you need to be wary of: 

  • Your courtyard has to be all levelled, hard, and dry
  • All the furnishing articles that you intend to put outside (chair, table, umbrella etc.) should be wide footed.
  • Invest in some economical patio paver and slip them underneath your table and chairs before placing them on the grass to create a temporary levelled floor.

Protecting the grass

The hard reality is that if you put your patio furniture on the mowed lawn, it is going to kill your grass for sure. Here are a few steps you can take to minimize the damage, though.

  • Ensure to move furniture once every week to ensure aeration and proper watering.
  • If bald patches begin to surface, immediately move Glass patio table and chairs to an alternate location and give the space some time to heal. 

Types and styles of glass patio table along with chairs and umbrella

There are several ways you can enhance the aesthetics of your courtyard. Here are a few ideas to consider: 

Choose a round mosaic patio glass table with wrought iron legs as a centerpiece. Go with a set of four clothed and cushioned iron chairs and a classy shade umbrella in the center to complete the look. 

Those with an artistic bent of mind can go with the beautifully painted versions of Glass patio table too. When the base is wooden, complement it with wooden chairs. Add a contrasting umbrella to pull off a stellar look. 

You can also upcycle an unused birdbath by adding a glass top to it, transforming it into an alluring patio table. Fill the basin with pebbles, flowers, or seashells to impart a contemporary feel to the set-up. 

How to keep your Patio furniture clean? 

Nobody likes sitting on a soiled patio chair or have an unclean glass table to eat off. So regular maintenance is important when it comes to preserving your lawn furniture in perfect condition.

When you need some TLC for your garden furnishings, use these cleaning tips to spruce up wood, metal and glass surfaces.


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