Note  •  Published on: 20 Mar 2015

Got some containers for planting a vegetable garden. Planted strawberry plant in its own pot 2/16/15. Planted (from seeds) sugar snap peas, carrots, and cucumbers together in 2'x4'2' container 2/23/15. First snap pea sprouts 3/8/15. Carrot and cucumber sprouts 3/10/15. 3/17/15 thinned out snap peas. Planted some tomatoes outside (in a bucket), and some mint 3/18/15. Starter plants inside tomatoes, mint and a few lettuce (rest of lettuce seeds in pack for after carrot harvest) 3/18/15. Sprayed for aphids. Thinned carrots. Cucmber didn't need thinning because there weren't that many :(. Researched what mulch to use in a vegetable garden, going to mulch soon. 


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