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Forever fruit.... apparently

 Blog  •  Published on: 25 Mar 2019

We actually managed to grow a few swedes this season.. that looked like swedes too, despite the slug's best efforts. Yay.! :) We've given up on the 'pretties' as 1) our soil is totally rubbish being mostly construction site sand and debris.. and 2) we get invaded by slugs and snails every time it rains and they destroy everything.! :( Amazingly we seem to have far more success with fruit, possibly because the slugs are too lazy to bother trying to get up thin stalks. (Ha.!) :) 

So today we went to our local garden centre and bought two fruit bushes, raspberry and blackberry, and two fruit trees, pear and cherry. The big guy wanted to try the blackberry again, because his stepfather's went wild last year while our's did absolutely nothing... and then died.  The blackcurrant bushes we were given three years ago yielded a fairly good crop last year, so I'm looking forward to better this year, and the gooseberry bush (after being protected from thieving magpies and sparrows) yielded a good 2kg of fruit.

The rhubarb is doing well, although it's kind of running away with us... we dug it up and separated it the first year, and re-planted all the extra's and now it's kind of taken over. Even before the last of the frost had gone there were red crowns and leaves sprouting that have the potential to become very triffid-like, and I'm not sure I know what to do with it all. Everything that I've read with regards rhubarb doesn't seem to apply to this stuff.. I was harvesting bright red stalks in late October last year, and it started sprouting again in February.! 

Hopefully, we'll have the same success with the fruit bushes and trees... fingers crossed. :) 


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  • Roxana Roxana I hope you succeed in your berry bushes. Berries make an excellent dessert. Our blackberry bushes did not make it last year, but perhaps this year we too will have success.
    Tuesday March 26, 2019 at 22:17