Blog  •  Published on: 26 Oct 2018

I don't know how to use this site properly but I need to go ahead and document this before I forget and just give up on it all together.  Yea I brain is just messy and out of control.

Rainy afternoon walk to Whitley's florist was amazing.  I stumbled upon a great place to acquire plants for my life :)

Robert is the owner - he an his wife recently adopted 2 macaw parrots and that was how I was greated upon entrance, loud ass bird scared the shit out of me.

So I researched and basically determined the direction I needed to go with trying out my very first plant ownership. Like everything else in my neurotic life I had decided that with enough dedication and research I could become a botonist expert over night from which I eliminated "easy plants" off my list because aesthetically I wanted something that would require a lot more know how to make happen.  Robert quickly erased any confidence that I had about doing that and said "Pothos, hard to kill".  So, Pothos is the direction I went.

*side note, Robert grew up in the house that sat exactly where my apartment is, he showed me pictures from 1949 and 1953.  Pretty.  Cool.

So, Pothos is ready to go.  Thomas has put it in the planter I bought just basically to take a pictures so I could begin the documentation project I have really wanted to do.  In the future once I learn how to use this site I will not be so scatterbrained about stuff :)  For the time being, Pothos survived its first night on the stove.  It was watered that day, so I will not have to water it until next week.  The leaves look so pretty and it had been kept inside, so I really don't want to do too much different with Pothos to see how it reacts to its new home.  (I did rub the leaves in a loving manner last night and talked to it a lot, I really focused my intent on health).

Research wise I am about to learn every single thing about my plant.  I will document what I find some where on this site.



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